2018 Shale Network Workshop Registration

All Users: Please use this form to register for the workshop, submit your abstract for a presentation at the workshop, or both. All participants are welcome to join us for the workshop regardless of whether you submit an abstract for a presentation. 
UPDATE: Registration is now closed for the 2018 Shale Network Workshop. If you have questions, please contact helly Farrell (maf37@psu.edu)
Register for the Workshop: Please fill out and submit the form below to register for the workshop.
Submit an Abstract: Please fill out and submit the form below to submit your abstract for the workshop. Alternately, you can submit your abstract by email to Shelly Farrell (maf37@psu.edu).
Doing both? If you are registering for the workshop and submitting an abstract, you can do both by filling out and submitting the form below.
Participants who need support for lodging: Lodging will be provided for select visitors on a first-applied basis. In the form below, please indicate if you want us to pay for lodging for one night and food costs at the meeting. (If you were invited and you were offered funding support but you do not want it, please let us know that too!)
Participants who did not receive an invitation: If you did not receive an invitation but you are interested in attending the workshop, please fill out the form and use the additional information box to tell us about yourself, your activities, what topics you are interested in, and whether you need funding. We hope to be able to fund all participants who need support, and we encourage a wide variety of participants, from watershed groups to academic scientists to industry personnel. Non-invited participants are encouraged to submit an abstract for a presentation or to come without giving a presentation. 
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