2014 Shale Network Workshop

Shale Network Workshop Lessons learned about water through Shale Network and similar efforts: Forward movevment

Shale Network Workshop The 2014 Shale Network workshop took place May 12 and 13, 2014 drawing the largest group of people interested in water quality monitoring of the three annual workshops held so far. About 80 people attended all or parts of the workshop, including a poster presentation, lesson in the computer software used to track water quality data, and daylong session of presentations and discussions. Participants derived from industry, academia, government, private environmental companies, and watershed groups.

Participants from Penn State, the University of Pittsburgh, Dickinson College and CUAHSI organized the workshop. The Shale Network receives support from the National Science Foundation.

Please see the links below for the presentations and posters from the conference.

Workshop presentations and posters:

Workshop Steering Committee:

  • Carl Kirby, Bucknell University
  • Susan Brantley, Penn State
  • John Smelko, Marcellus Shale Coalition
  • Julie Vastine, ALLARM, Dickinson College
  • Mark Stephens, PA DEP

Supplemental Materials:

  • Shale Network Agenda
  • 2014 Marcellus Save-the-Date
  • Welcome: Workshop Introduction
  • Workshop Closing
  • Confirmed Attendees 2014