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Allegheny Creek Connections2
By the Numbers

The Shale Network is a project funded by the National Science Foundation to help scientists and citizens store data about water resources that may be affected by gas exploitation in shale. Started in November 2011, the project includes scientists from Penn State, the University of Pittsburgh, Dickinson College and from throughout northeastern Pennsylvania.

Our goal is to find, organize, and upload data for water resources for online publication. Your data can help. To learn more about the Shale Network and how you can help, contact us.

2014 Shale Network Workshop
May 12 and 13

Learn more about this year's workshop.

The Latest News

A quick click on Creek Connections’ website and anyone curious about water quality can find the pH levels, total dissolved solids and other key facts on western Pennsylvania waterways. 

Sharing that data is part of Creek Connections’ overall mission of working with K-12 schools. Run out of Allegheny College, Creek Connections gives 5th through 12th grade students hands-on experience learning about creeks and rivers, particularly an understanding of what it means for a waterway to be healthy. ... 

Read the rest of the story on Allegheny Creek Connections.

The Latest Research

Improvements in horizontal drilling and hydrofracturing have revolutionized the energy landscape by allowing the development of so-called “unconventional” gas resources. The Marcellus play in the northeastern U.S.A. documents how fast this technology developed: the number of unconventional Marcellus wells in Pennsylvania (PA) increased from 8 in 2005 to ~ 7234 today.  From the International Journal of Coal Geology. 

The Latest Presentation

Water Quality Challenges Associated with Energy Resource Extraction from Marcellus Shale.

Contributing and accessing Shale Network data using HydroDesktop

HydroDesktop is a GIS (geographic information system) software that is most commonly used to access the Shale Network database. A free and open source GIS enabled desktop application, HydroDesktop helps users search for, download, visualize, and analyze hydrologic and climate data from a number of databases, including the Shale Network database. Visit the Shale Network page on HydroDesktop for demonstrations and information on downloading. 

If you aren't a member, contact us so you can access the information and demonstrations.