Message from Shale Network Team: 2020 Workshop Cancelled

To Shale Network participants:

The Shale Network Workshop team has decided that we need to cancel the Shale Network workshop for this spring because of the novel coronavirus. We make this decision based on the latest request from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to cancel events scheduled within the next two months ( We regret to cancel because this year’s lineup was to be terrific, covering many new and emerging topics including, ironically, aspects of issues around human health. We have chosen dates for next year, May 13-14, 2021, and we invite you to pencil this time in for the workshop, once again in State College, Pa. We worked very hard on the planning for this year and we very much hope that all of our speakers will commit to coming next year, perhaps for the same line-up for the agenda, but with, of course, updated talks. In addition, we hope to run the same (or better) field trip next year. In the meantime, please, please be healthy and safe.  

Regards, The Shale Network Workshop Team
Susan L. Brantley
Distinguished Professor of Geosciences